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Our Process

  • 1

    Pick & up inspection

  • 2

    shipping to grading facility

  • 3


  • 4

    quality assurance

  • 5


  • 6

    loading & shipping


he bales from mixed rags are opened on conveyer belts where the used clothing circulates among sorting experts. The sorting experts sort each type of used clothing into several different bins.

Then the grading specialists take over the bins to further grade the used clothing in each bin into three categories.

  • Premium
  • Grade # 1
  • Grade # 2

The grading process is further divided into THREE layers where each layer is meant to minimize on omissions and mistakes thus enhancing quality under supervision of supervisors. Inspection by the quality controller is the last step, to finalize on the graded products, and to approve for packing.

High quality plastic is used to package the products in small bales of sizes 45kg and 55kg (100lbs and 121lbs respectively).


We arrange the visit of the buyer to the trusted and approved grading facilities for a direct contact.

We take responsibilities for the suppliers and buyers; our guarantee to the supplier ensures timely payment and our guarantee to the buyer is timely shipment with agreed quality.

We help buyer to build proforma (each load of shipment), and make sure to inspect at loading.

Inspection includes opening of few bales at random.

We take care of the rest of the processes involved including in-land and ocean freight, with all documentation.

We equally appreciate the buyer to arrange own freight bookings in case our freight services are not required.